Bicycle Fitting

Bicycle Fitting

Why Do Riders Need A Professional Bike Fit?

You like to ride, it is something you look forward to and enjoy ... so why not be as comfortable and efficient as you can be while doing it. Of course, it goes much deeper than that. The human body and bicycle geometry are not a match made in cycling heaven ... until we've got you sorted at least.

Bicycle frames and bikes come in many sizing's, and are adorned with a variety of components of varying sizes also.
Also, your own body shape, which consists of arm, leg and trunk lengths that may differ from your average person, or maybe even existing injury or other anatomical requirements you may have.
Getting all these things to work in harmony takes a skilled eye and years of experience.

The Correct Position

The goal is to obtain the best position possible, to achieve the most efficient power transfer from your body and legs, to the pedals and maintain good control, and comfort, while reducing the risk of pedaling related injury as well.

After we assess you and the bike you have, or are buying from us, we can often just re-adjust the existing components to achieve the goal.
However, it may be necessary to replace components (such as stem) to make sure your bike is just right for you.

Experience and Technique

We do not use computer programs or set measurements that do not allow for all the factors we've mentioned above. What we do use is a Calfee Sizer Cycle, specific inseam and handle bar drop measuring tools which, along with our own practical experience, help us to ensure that you have the best possible position on your bike.

The Semi-Racer staff have many years of racing and riding experience so let us tailor the fit of your new bike or help you get the best out of your existing ride.

Book In Now

To book your bike fit appointment please call Shayne, Pip or Troy on 3262 9779 or email:

Please Note: if you are buying a new bike from Semi-Racer a bike fit is included in the purchase price.
If you would like us to fit you to your existing bicycle the rate is $100 + GST per hour (parts not included), on average please allow 1.5 to 2 hours for the reasons above. We do not like to rush this process due to the importance of a correct riding position for your safety, performance, comfort and health.

Thank you.