Tune Up

Tune Up

At Semi-Racer we are known for being meticulous, our workshop and wash bay have been specifically designed to cater for the highest level of road bicycle.

There is nothing better than the smooth quiet ride of a recently serviced bicycle. Let us look after your pride and joy, we treat it like our own and will have it back to you gleaming and running like new.

The Monty Service

  • brake adjustment (lube cables where required)
  • rear tip alignment (if required)
  • gear adjustment (lube cables where required)
  • wheels trued and spokes/nipples lube
  • check tyre condition and pressure
  • cranks and pedals checked/tightened
  • head fittings checked/tightened
  • all nuts, bolts and fittings checked/tightened
  • lube chain, derailleur and callipers

S-R $120 plus GST (Total = $132)

The Half Monty Service

Same as The Monty Service above with the addition of:

  • degreasing and washing of drive chain
  • frame washed
  • wheels, tyres and components washed

S-R $170 plus GST (Total = $187)

The Full Monty Service

This service involves all components being stripped from the bike and every part that requires is degreased and washed

The bike is then completely re-assembled including re-greasing of hubs, bottom bracket and head fitting.
With this level of service it is suggested that all cables, casing are replaced and new bar wrap fitted.

As so many bikes run different head fittings, bottom brackets and in some cases electronic group sets it is best that on sighting your bike we quote you on this type of service
(estimate labour only cost $295 - $395 inc GST).

Bike Wash, Degrease and Drive Chain Re-Lube (only)

Our bike washing and degreasing bay were not added later or fitted into the existing space available. We believe this service is not a lesser service at all, and therefore, these facilities were planned and built during the initial stages of our shop setup. Only the best for S-R customers bikes.  

S-R $80 plus GST (Total = $88)


:: Any specific service work or individual one off adjustments can be quoted at the time of booking in.
:: Bike assembly's, parts or ensembles requiring fitting and purchased from the internet will
   charged at an hourly rate of $80 plus GST (minimum charge $88).
:: Average bicycle assembly time but not including fitting is four hours.