Shayne Hendren

Shayne Hendren

Shayne at the Brisbane to Warwick with his Vitus Carbone 9 tube

The Early Years
As a youngster, Shayne has always excelled in his chosen sport. Softball, Rugby, and Soccer were his choices, and at soccer, by age 11, Shayne was playing at a representative level.

The passion for cycling began for Shayne when he noticed an Italian Blue Semi-Racer called Chiorda in a small shop and had to have it. After months of much scrimping and saving, the bike was his and he just had to race. He won on his first attempt and his life path was born.

Being small for his age, Shayne knew that training would be the key to his success, and his meticulous and steadfast approach to winning is evident today in how he does business.

Dedication Breeds Success
By the time he was 12 yrs old, Shayne was racing both track and road and was picked as a Junior Novice (under 14) to race Senior Novice (under 16) at the Track Nationals, which was a huge achievement for any 14 yr old rider. Before turning Senior at 18 yrs of age, Shayne collected a box load of medals and sashes including the more notable wins at Madison Champs, National TTT Senior Novice (where he set a new record), regional Road Championships, and a 2nd in, what was at the time, the country's biggest Junior Tour.

Life Gets In The Way Of The Dreams
Work commitments and testosterone fuelled desires of women and motorbikes would stifle the cycling dream for a few years while he completed an apprenticeship and later worked a second job in a restaurant. The work ethics he learnt during this time, including his insatiable need to work clean, provide the best products, and please his customers, is more than evident when you visit Shayne and his Semi-Racer store at Albion in Brisbane. Those who were customers of Shayne at his previous bicycle store will know exactly what I mean here.

The Balance Returns
With more time on his hands, and even with the hiatus of several years, Shayne's attention to detail and drive to succeed had him enjoying both the challenge and spoils of cycle racing. Shayne would race successfully for teams, and as an individual, up and down the east coast of Australia and globally. 

Locally, Shayne raced in everything he could from the local national Tours and a host of the  long point to point races such as Grafton to Inverell, Brisbane to Warwick, through to State Titles. 

Oversea's he found himself racing in events as prestigious as the UWCT Amateur World Championships as recent as 2011 in Belgium. His love for cycling is obviously undiminished. 


Shayne was regular Madison competitor with his mate Darryl KircherShayne riding for Team Briko on his Vitus Lotto

Off Road But On Track
The love of cycling also took Shayne into the brutal fields of mountain bike racing. Again, his cycling talents ensured success in what he discovered was a very competitive and challenging field of cycling, and he was soon racing as a sponsored rider and competing in the full National Mountain Biking Series season. 

Shayne achieved the title of Qld MTB Six Hour Champion two years consecutively. 
To this day Shayne still enjoys the occasional off-road cruise in the quiet of the forest, but road remains his passion and focus.

The Boy Gets The Girl
In 1991, Shayne married Philippa or 'Pip' as she's affectionately known to friends, family, and regular customers. They met at a Triathlon when Pip was a class long distance runner and the connection was strong. Pip has been Shayne's 'other woman' since then and devotedly supports and works side by side with Shayne in his retail endeavours. She keeps him grounded and gives him inspiration. Shayne has worked at his marriage the way he works at his other love and mistress, cycling. Today, as a husband and wife team, they are a formidable force in the road and track cycling retail community.

Working In The Cycling Industry Begins
Shayne's step into the industry of retail cycling began when he was hired as Shop Manager to establish the successful Lifecycle bike shop in the northern suburb Albany Creek in Brisbane, the namesake of which, is still well known in Brisbane today. His course studies of business management and retail strategies have prepared him well.

Shayne's business acumen and knowledge are still well sort of, and he has been integral as a consultant to several companies and businesses over the years, including several cycling stores in Brisbane.

Representing and Consulting
Shayne then established his own agency representative company and spent almost 10 years working for various high profile cycling companies and even as a National Product Manager where he was responsible for some of the industry's leading brands. Over this time he would be involved with many businesses and attain a myriad of contacts and resources that benefit him and his customers to this day.

As a consultant, representative and shop owner, Shayne has traveled extensively to increase his product knowledge and always remain abreast with the latest cycling developments. He can't remember them all but he attended Trade Shows, Factories, Supplier/Dealer Meetings in Taiwan, Interbike Las Vegas, Milan Bike Show, EuroBike, Michelin Clermont Ferrand, TACX Holland, TIME France, LAKE Majorca, LAKE Ibiza, CAMPAGNOLO Italy, PINARELLO Italy (old and new factories), not including  those attended in Australia and NZ!

Shayne at the 1989 Metro Road Championships (Dayboro, Winn Rd block x 2), breakaway companions Nick Formosa and Ian Shayne, as a last year Novice leads the group in a race in NZ

Owning A Bike Shop
In 2001 Shayne put all his extensive experience and knowledge into the huge project of building a boutique bike shop from the ground up in a building, best described as derelict, in Brisbane's northern suburb of The Grange. He and wife Pip designed and refitted this store themselves with the objective of opening a store "a little different from the rest". After a lot of hard work they did find their "niche" in the market place. The name VELO became synonymous with service, quality and the place to go to for your high-end bicycle.

After 9 years Velo Bicycles out grew the premises in The Grange, and was moved to a new building in Wilston. VELO Bicycles Wilston opened January 2009, bigger and better than before. Later in 2010, Shayne and Pip sold Velo Bicycles and after remaining to help manage and give transitional management support before moving on.

A Different Angle
Shayne's creative side, and his moral and contractual agreements after selling a bike shop, saw him first enjoy life a little away from the retail industry, and then go to work for Champion Systems, a cycling clothing design and printing company. Again Shayne had found a way to expand his ever growing repertoire within the cycling industry itself.

He's Baccccccccck!
Three years after selling Velo Bicycles, Shayne is now back to doing what he loves so much. He sought out and refined his niche in the market place, further streamlining the level of service and product he offers to cyclists. Semi-Racer, named after that boyhood dream so long ago now, exemplifies the in-built, impossible to ignore, craving that dwells within, and leads him. After so many years using and selling cycling products and bikes, Shayne found himself designing a startling new shop, specifically detailed for servicing high end bikes and products, selling a select inventory of bikes and brands he trusts through knowledge and use, and his resources allowing him to do this at prices competitive within the market place.

Too Modest For His own Good
In his own words, Shayne says  "I am just a guy that loves bikes and racing......nothing special and certainly nothing out of the ordinary.'

If you've read this far, if you know Shayne personally, if you've been a customer of his in the past or present ... you'll disagree.

Much to his embarrassment,  Shayne is best described as a goal and team orientated person, with meticulous planning and execution attributes, who strives to continue to learn and develop both personally, and as a trusted figure in the cycling Industry. He is an over achiever whose personal satisfaction is now gained from the satisfaction of those who he helps in their cycling purchases and support. His reputation has grown from his own integrity, achievements, and willingness to tell it like it is to ensue the customer gets what they need and want. 

Finally, personal experience with products is a valued attribute in a salesman. Shayne's list of the road and track bikes he has personally owned (not including shop stock of course) further adds to his value and includes Chiorda, SRH Raleigh, Bertin, Alan, Eddy Merckx, Ti Raleigh, Mitchell, Alami, Unbranded Custom Road, Viner, Vitus Carbone 9 Tube, Vitus Duralinox, Klein, Gios Torino, Colnago, OPERA, Pinarello (Galileo, Prince Alloy, Dogma Magnesium, Prince Carbon, Dogma Carbon x 2, X-Track).

Come in to Semi-Racer and meet Shayne, he'd love to meet you.